What it is

The R&D program of ANEEL (National Electric Energy Agency) consists of the annual application of a minimum percentage of the Net Operating Revenue of companies in the electricity sector in Research and Technological Development projects for the Electricity Sector (R&D).

It aims to properly allocate resources to projects that demonstrate originality, applicability, relevance and economic feasibility of products and services in the processes and end-use of energy.

“It seeks to promote a culture of innovation, stimulating research and development in the Brazilian electricity sector, creating new equipment and improving the provision of services that contribute to securing the electric power supply, providing affordable tariffs, and reducing the environmental impact of the sector as well as the country’s technological dependence”.


How it works

There are programs that cover investments in the areas of Research and Development (R&D) and Energy Efficiency(EE). Resources, held by energy companies, are accrued in a specific general ledger account and adjusted by the Selic rate in the second month after acknowledgement of the revenue.

Companies can, at any time, submit R&D projects to ANEEL. Projects will only be acknowledged as an investment under the program after the Agency’s approval.

Through the “Manual of the Research and Technological Development Program for the Electricity Sector””, the agency regulates all stages of the project.

ANEEL verifies whether projects are compliant to its manual, from preparation and submission, including evaluation of proposals and results obtained, to the accounting of expenditures and inspection of the execution.

In accordance with ANEEL, it is possible to invest in the following areas:

  1. Alternative sources for electric power generation
  2. Thermoelectric Generation
  3. Management of Basins and Reservoirs
  4. Environment
  5. Safety
  6. Energy Efficiency
  7. Planning of Electric Power Systems
  8. Operation of Electric Power Systems
  9. Supervision, Control and Protection of Electric Power Systems
  10. Quality and Reliability of the Electric Power Services
  11. Measurement, billing and preventing commercial losses
  12. Others.

CSEM Brasil has already developed several research and development projects with companies in the electricity sector in compliance with all requirements established and regulated by ANEEL R&D Program Manual.

In addition, its professional management and results-orientated performance enhances the spirit of ANEEL’s R&D projects, which is the development of tangible solutions to serve the society and generate value for energy companies.


Who can use it

The following organizations can take part in the program:

  • Agents of the electricity sector (distribution, transmission and power generation companies), acting as project proponents;
  • Research and development institutes, higher education institutions, consulting firms, technology-based companies and incubated companies that can carry out R&D;
  • Industries or other institutions interested in providing resources for the execution of the project, and which may become partners in the projects.

However, it is compulsory only for distribution, transmission and power generation companies.

Companies that generate energy exclusively from wind, solar, biomass, small hydroelectric and qualified co-generation facilities are excluded from this obligation, by exemption.


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