What it is

Brazilian public agency for promotion of science, technology and innovation, that grants reimbursable and non-reimbursable financing to organizations in the country.


How it works

Finep’s support comprehends all stages and dimensions of the scientific and technological development cycle: basic research, applied research, innovation, as well as product, service and process development.

Finep also supports the incubation of technology-based companies, implementation of technology parks, structuring and consolidation of research processes, development and innovation in companies already established, and development of markets.

In addition, as of 2012, Finep also started offering support for the implementation of a first industrial unit and also incorporations, mergers and joint ventures.

Finep is also increasingly active in supporting technology-based companies. Since 2000, Finep has been developing the Inovar Project, an extensive, structured and transparent set of actions to encourage new companies by means of a range of instruments, including the indirect provision of venture capital through venture capital funds.

Being a research center focused on high value-added PD&I projects, CSEM Brasil has already taken part in technological innovation projects with FINEP and is qualified to receive resources from this institution.


Who can use it

Universities, technology institutes, and other public or private institutions in Brazil.

Economic sectors and areas of knowledge included in the State policies and governmental initiatives, such as the National Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation (ENCTI), are considered as priority. We can mention, for instance, Technologies dedicated to the development of sustainable products and processes.


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