IoT used on intelligent conveyor belts for ore transportation


Something as traditional as the equipment used in mining can hide a huge potential of industrial R&D. The unplanned stoppages, delays and losses perceived by BOSCH in the operation of mines led the company to invest in a project with CSEM. The problem was malfunctions in the rollers of ore conveyor belts, which interfered in the entire process and caused operation disruptions and losses.


After studies, brainstorming and survey of various possible and accessible technologies, a solution based in a wireless sensor network was proposed, developed, and tested in the lab and in the field.

Such sensors collect temperature and/or acceleration measurement data at the anchor points of the conveyor belt rollers, providing real-time information for preventive maintenance analysis of this equipment.  

Vision of the future

Data collected for preventive maintenance and optimization of the conveyor belts operation, also reduces operating cost and delays on schedule.

With the expertise of CSEM Brasil and of our partners, we create a product with great impact in the mining of the future, with amazing results.