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The industry of the future in Pernambuco


The economy of the state of Pernambuco needed sophistication to stop supplying low value-added products. This search to increase market competitiveness in Pernambuco included using technology and innovation. Turning a region into an attractive region requires planning, investments and a link between well-designed public policies to attract investments, human capital and development. CSEM’s expertise was then requested, by means of a technological consulting to prospect, define and implement technological platforms in Pernambuco.


An extensive study was carried out and considered economic aspects, analyzes of the local industry and the existing innovation ecosystem in the state. In addition, global technological trends in terms of adherence and relevance to the reality of local economy, level of investments required for implementation, market size and possibilities of economic and social impacts, ease of implementation in terms of infrastructure, human capital and competitiveness were also discussed.

More than 70 technological platforms were analyzed. In the end, the seven most relevant and accessible platforms were chosen so as to bring impact to local industry, while generating high value-added solutions. Those platforms were presented in a strategic map that considered the main aspects for decision-making. CSEM Brasil’s own methodology was applied throughout the entire process and it was specifically developed for this type of project.

Major stakeholders of the state of Pernambuco were involved and there were also workshops with the participation of technical specialists, visits to companies and governmental entities, interviews with important players in local economy, and involvement of professionals from CSEM Brasil and CSEM Switzerland.

Vision of the future

The vision of the state government is to create an environment to develop innovation and a R&D capable of generating high value-added solutions and strategic technological innovation projects, to attract other companies, investments and human capital, making the state industry more dynamic and competitive, nationwide and abroad. All actions were towards turning Pernambuco’s economy into the Industry of the Future.