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Metallic tiles that generate electricity


Medabil, a manufacturer and assembler of lightweight metal structures, sought differentiation and value-added solutions to increase the competitiveness of its offer to the market and to create new business opportunities.


The Manta Project aimed at integrating solar energy generation with OPV panels to metallic tiles manufactured by Medabil and which are used in the construction of sheds. The ultimate goal was to create value for customers, generate competitive advantages over competitors, and have important and certifiable environmental gains.

Therefore, the fact that OPV panels are registered at BNDES – FINAME also motivated the development of the integration solution. Thus, the tiles could be registered and their access to funding lines would make them more attractive for the construction of sheds and lightweight metal structures.

While developing the project, studies were carried out for different types of materials, encapsulation and ways to integrate OPV to metallic tiles.

At the end of the project, a testing structure was installed in the city of Belo Horizonte, with the simulation of photovoltaic tiles to monitor the generation and integration results. In order to find a better OPV integration solution, some foreign strategic partners of CSEM Brasil were also contacted.

Vision of the future

Integrating solar energy generation in buildings is a trend for it prevents occasional losses in the energy transmission systems and it is in line with the precepts of distributed energy generation.

In addition to allowing integrated production of electrical energy, this solution reduces the temperature inside the metallic sheds, reducing the need for exhaust, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and thus extending the benefits and functionalities of the products, now offered with economic and environmental sustainability.