High-performance and low-cost organic photodetectors


Considering the medical diagnostic equipment scenario, the emergence of new technologies challenges companies either to remain competitive on a global scale or to disappear while trying to do so.

That is why Philips has invested, in partnership with CSEM Brasil, in research, development and innovation to generate new technologies. In the area of X-ray diagnostics specifically, it is necessary to improve the quality of images and the amount of information made available to the doctor, while seeking to reduce the radiation dose received by the patient.


To develop the solution with low cost and high accuracy, scientific and technological knowledge were associated with design and production of organic photodetectors.

The use of organic photodetectors to quantify X-ray radiation was identified as a high-potential technology for various applications in the medical diagnostic field. Some examples are: sensors for automatic radiation exposure control circuits, portable digital dosimeters and even radio diagnostic imaging panels.

Vision of the future

The project provided the basis for the nation-wide manufacture of X-ray sensors using low-cost organic films of high market demand, such as automatic dose control sensors, DAP indicators and digital capture of X-ray images.