• Fotos: José Paulo Lacerda/Instituto SENAI de Inovação (ISI)

More Competitiveness for the Industry


The vision of Senai-SP was to go through a re-structuring in order to bring more competitiveness to the state of São Paulo (SP), through optimized and results-oriented technological innovation.

So, it was necessary to invest in the most strategic solutions, taking into account the macro trends, investments and the productive chain of the local industry. That is when CSEM Brasil joined them to identify internal and market opportunities, and to align processes based on innovation and competitiveness.


More than 30 global professionals, among PhD professionals and experts, participated in the Avant-Garde Project (Projeto Vanguarda) to map competencies and select technological priorities.

An extensive study on technological trends was carried out and 12 innovation platforms were identified as suitable for Senai itself and for the industry in the State of São Paulo, with potential to generate future business and high value-added solutions. In this process, dozens of companies from different segments were involved, including health, electronics, automotive, defense, metal-mechanics and aerospace segments.

Three of these innovation platforms were identified as the most strategic for investment and suitable to the reality of Senai units chosen to receive the project. The platforms Advanced Manufacturing and Microfabrication, Advanced Materials and Nanocomposites, and Systems Integration were implemented at Mario Amato, Suiço-Brasileira and Anchieta schools, respectively.

Vision of the future

The project represents an opportunity for disruptive economic transformation and for Brazil to achieve a leading position in terms of strategic technologies. By seeking global competitiveness and economic sustainability within the state of São Paulo, results that benefit the entire Brazilian industry are expected.